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One of the best games of iOS ever

Love the game but needs an update

Love this game. One of the best puzzle games Ive played. Surprisingly my 10 yr old finished this in one sitting in about 30 mins!! Definitely needs an update.


Cool game. Worth about $1.50 maybe $2. At $4 its a bad buy. Game takes an hour to finish.

The most fun Ive had because of an app in SO LONG!!!

This game man, had me wanting more and more and more and more! I couldnt stop playing it! It starts easy enough but then gets very challenging! Ive played the whole thing though so it is quite possible to complete the entire game, although I REALLY wished this game had NO END!!!


Out of all the mobile games Ive ever played this is by far the best. Hope they make a sequel

Awesome game!

The animation is awesome. The graphics are amazing! The puzzles are great! Though I wish it had a better ending

Falls short

I wanted to like this game. I really did. Bought at the hefty price (for an app) expecting an immersive, niche game with innovative gameplay and different endings based on player actions. Instead of a thought-provoking game, we have here an uncreative video-interaction thats far too short for its hype and price.

Extremely Short

The concept and art are great, but you are finished in less than an hour and there is no replayability. Innovative yes, worth it, no.

Worst puzzle game Iv ever played in my life

The other puzzle games that Iv played are not that short of a story and this game is really confusing and not a lot of puzzle games are not that short


I can totally see the "artistic value" and I can appreciate what loveshack was trying to do, but the game was very short, and not "I finished it in a weekend" short, but "I finished it in literally half an hour" short. I got it on sale and was disappointed I paid so much for so little in return. Its a cool concept, but the cost is very far from a fair price.

Must buy!!!

This is a very enjoyable game. It took me about four hours to complete, but it was totally worth it. I encountered no bugs and I cant wait for your other games to come out!

Deleted pretty quickly

Just wasnt feeling it. As another reviewer noted: too linear.

It gets boring after a while

I love it it is great and yes I wold play it for 5 days... Did you read that lets rewind......,..,l."!$:$d M and yes I wold OK NOW STOP I typed wold. Wold means I will do it but I wont the thing is about this app is it gets boring after awhile and I give it a 4/10 when I got this app I played it like all the time the after a while I got bord of it I mean if you are reading this and you agree with me then ya I agree with you and thats my review

Too short and not enough story!

This game is way too much for what you get. Despite neat visuals, it appears as if they just stopped developing the game midway.

Too short

Despite interesting game play, its wayyyy tooooo short. Dont waste your money.

True Noir

Awesome, beautiful game. Well worth it at thrice the price. Well done.

Well made art, terrible app.

This game is pretty and the animation is smooth. The frame concept of the puzzles is cool. Thats it. The music is annoyingly repetitive. The puzzles are simple and lack variety. The story is bland and surprisingly slightly confusing for such a simple set up. I get the puzzle concept is to rearrange frames, but with sleuth action, I thought there would be drama. Nope. There is a guy that follows the first two characters who I though was a police commissioner or something. But when he started to sneak around, I realised, oh, its another spy. Just with sideburns. Seriously. Dont waste your few dollars. Its an alright game. Well made and mildly fun. But overall, not a successful app to last you, convey a story when it implies one and has a comic-book style that would have made a more elaborate story very easy to make, or be a solid challenge. If the price is your deciding factor, try a different game.

Awesome fun

This is such a fun game. It had a good play time and the puzzles were surprisingly challenging for such a simple premise. Dont be fooled. I was skeptical at first, thinking at least the soundtrack and graphics would be good, but the difficulty didnt disappoint either.

Could have been better

Nice concept but puzzles are repetitive, storyline not too interesting.


Waste of money. Game only lasted for 45 minutes! Not worth the money. It would be fun if it was longer

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